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Academics Requirements

All courses and assignments are designed to be self-paced but are to be completed within three (3) months to ensure you stay on task. Additional help and time can be requested at any time. You may request help and additional time via email, text of Facebook Messenger. Courses can be accessed online or through mail correspondence.

You will need, at a minimum:

  • A Bible

  • Concordance

  • Internet service (unless completing via mail correspondence)

  • Zoom account

You may use a reliable internet search engine or app for the Bible, dictionary, and concordance requirement.

A Zoom account may be obtained for free at Zoom is used for online class interaction and lessons. Class times will be arranged based on availability within enrollment period.

At the completion of your program you will be asked to provide an evaluation. This will aid in future classes to improve our programs.


Enrollment Process

Application for admission must be completed prior to course disbursement. Review the available course programs and indicate which course program you wish to pursue. Each applicant must complete the Basic Assessment and return within two weeks of receipt. Upon review, you will receive results from your assessment and your first lesson in the course program of your choice.

Upon successful Completion of Your Program: 

  • You will receive a Certificate of Completion or conferred an Associate degree.

  • You will have the option to seek licensure and/or ordination should you so choose (additional information provided upon request).


Upon completion of your program, you are under no further obligation to iKingdom Academy. You may choose to enroll in other course programs upon successful completion of enrolled course program.


Costs & Financial Payments

Individual Course Program Fees

There is no charge for the Basic Assessment.

All 01 course series (initial courses) are $150

All 02 course series (subsequent courses) are $250

Advanced courses are $350

An initial deposit of $75 must be paid upon completion of the Basic Assessment.

Payment must be made in full by course end. Payment arrangements available.


Associate Degree Program Cost

Degree program cost is $1500.

Application cost of $50.

Initial deposit of $200 must be paid before enrollment completion.

Payment arrangements available.


Books and Course Materials

Books and course materials must be purchased separately.

Course materials range from $15 - 30 depending on course program.

Other books may be purchased via

Books and course materials MUST be purchased by first week of class.

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