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Associates Degree Program


First Tier


101       Biblical Studies

102      Ministry Training

103      Leadership Training 

Third Tier


301      Hermeneutics

302     Prophecy

303     Ministry Finances

304     Spiritual Warfare

Associate of Ministerial Leadership  (15 Classes)

Your journey to a bright, Christian education starts here. This Associate degree program is designed to give you the basics that will build a solid foundation in Christian leadership.

All 15 classes plus one elective is required. You may begin your pursuit of an AML degree at any time. Class work is due two weeks after the last scheduled class.

Second Tier


201       Biblical Studies

202      Ministry Training

203      Leadership Training 

Fourth Tier


401      Hermeneutics

402     Prophecy

403     Ministry Finances

404     Spiritual Warfare

Fifth Tier

*Pick One (1)    -   Electives

E10      Worship

E20     Media Ministry

E30     Intercessory Prayer

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