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Basic Assessment

Student Writing

Most people are familiar with the people and events of the New Testament and only give the Old Testament a cursory read. Therefore, the majority of the Basic Assessment questions may cover people and events of the Old Testament. If you feel you need help understanding scripture found in the New Testament, make this request known and attention will also be given in this area.

Some of the questions may be simplistic in nature, and some may be difficult. Honesty and integrity will rule in this section as you are asked to answer the questions without looking up the answers first. However, if you must look up the answer(s), check the box preceding the question.

This is not a pass or fail exam but rather an assessment of your knowledge of the Bible. Complete the Basic Assessment and return as soon as possible. Upon review, you will receive results from your assessment and your first lesson in the course program of enrollment. If you have any questions, contact Apostle Desireé Andrews as soon as possible.


  1. Fill out assessment completely.

  2. DOWNLOAD to your computer.

  3. Email your completed assessment to

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