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Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment

Enrollment for the Course Program Biblical Studies is now open. This is an independent study course.

*Course is scheduled for eight (8) weeks.

Enrollment for the Course Program Ministry Training is now open. This is an independent study course.

*Speak with Doc Dee for alternative course schedule.

Current Course Programs

Available now.

Currently iKingdom Academy is offering ten (10) course programs.

Courses 1 - 3 listed below are required courses.

Courses 8 - 10 listed below are elective courses.

  1. Biblical Studies

  2. Ministry Training

  3. Leadership Training

  4. Hermeneutics

  5. Prophecy

  6. Ministry Finances

  7. Spiritual Warfare

  8. Worship

  9. Media Ministry

  10. Intercessory Prayer

Upcoming Course Programs

Near future.

At this time we are not adding any other courses. We are fast approaching the launch of our Associate degree program with an anticipated launch date of April 2022.

Coming in 2022!

We look forward to conferring diplomas to qualified individuals. Individuals who have completed all core course programs and at least one specialty course program will be eligible to received a diploma.

We will also launch our Associate degree program and look forward to helping individuals further their Christian education.

Stay connected for more information!

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