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We are living in an age where technology has taken over to the point we can do everything with our phones talking on the phone, responding to a text, and even replying to an email.


But sometimes, it would be amazing to sit down and have a face-to-face conversation with our children without the interruption of their phones or a beep notification.


Many parents sometimes struggle with finding the right words to express things to their children, so they would find ways to leave letters around their deepest thoughts something the children will be able to find. And we hope it will not have faded lines just to read our stories, memories, and so much more.


In this book, you will find stories from parents who share their deepest, heartfelt thoughts that are formed into letters for their children to hold onto while offering sentiments to other parents who might be experiencing the same with their children.


This book gives hope to those who feel hopeless. It brings value and integrity in knowing that there is no perfect way of raising our children. Providing them with life lessons something they can always refer to is priceless.


We hope you enjoy our letters to our daughters and sons and share it with your loved ones.

Dear Daughter, Dear Son

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